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Common Faults Of Li - Ion Batteries And Analysis Of Causes Nov 24, 2016

1, the battery capacity is low

D. Less electrolyte; e. Low conductivity of the electrolyte; f. Positive and negative pieces with a piece of paper; a small amount of material; (Not dried or the electrolyte is not infiltrated) j. Divided capacity is not fully charged; k. Positive and negative electrodes are not good; g. Material specific capacity is small.

2, the battery internal resistance

C. Positive and cold ears and cap welding; d. Negative ears and shell Weld; e. Rivets and pressure plate contact with the internal resistance of a large gap between the inner and outer surface of the shell; ; F. The cathode is not conductive agent; g. Electrolyte without lithium salt; h. Battery has short-circuit; i. Diaphragm paper porosity.