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Samsung Battery When Using The Precautions May 25, 2017

In general, lithium batteries with high storage energy density, self-discharge rate is small, and high security, so widely used in mobile devices around the world. However, the use of lithium batteries need to pay attention to a few safety matters to prevent the occurrence of danger, the user needs to pay attention to the battery storage and proper use.

Please use Samsung's licensed USB power adapter, battery and data cable. Unauthorized USB power adapter or data cable can cause battery explosion or equipment damage. It is advisable to charge the battery before using the device for the first time or if Samsung battery is not used for a long time. Because the battery has been activated at the factory, the normal charge can be, it is recommended that you charge each time to extend the charging time of 2-3 hours.

Samsung battery Note:

First, use the manufacturer's approved batteries, chargers, accessories and supplies.

1. The use of a universal Samsung battery or charger may shorten the service life of the equipment or cause the equipment to malfunction. They may also cause a fire or battery explosion.

2. Only use batteries and chargers designed specifically for equipment and approved by Samsung. Incompatible batteries and chargers may cause danger or damage to the equipment.

3. Samsung is not responsible for the safety of the user when the user has not used Samsung approved accessories or supplies.

Second, the Samsung battery prohibits the use of nail drilling, hammer beating, pet bite, put in the pants pocket to sit down or foot and so on may make the battery by a strong impact or pressure action.

Third, prohibit the coins, keys, necklaces, hair cards, paper clips and other metal objects and batteries to carry or custody, in particular, can not put coins and batteries together in the pants pocket.

4. Do not burn or heat the battery, and can not be used wire and other metal objects connected to the positive and negative batteries.

5. Do not solder or put the battery in water and seawater to soak it.

6, prohibit the dismantling of the battery or make it deformed, the battery built-in safety and protection device damage, it will lead to battery heat, explosion or fire.

7, if used in the discovery of charging or storage of the battery smell, battery hot, discoloration or deformation and other abnormal phenomena, should immediately stop using.

8, the battery leak inadvertently into the eyes, forbidden rub your eyes, wash with water, should immediately go to the hospital for treatment, if not treated, the eyes will be damaged by the battery leakage.

9, protection equipment, batteries and chargers from damage.

10, Samsung battery power is low, the battery icon appears empty.

11, if the battery is fully discharged, connect the charger, the device will not be able to immediately open. Before opening the device, allow the depleted battery to charge for a few minutes.

12. If you use multiple applications at once, use a web application or an application that needs to be connected to another device, the battery will run out quickly. To avoid power outage during data transfer, use these applications after the battery is fully charged.

Thirteen, the use of USB power adapter other than the power, such as computers, due to low current, the charging speed may be slower.

14, although the device can be used when charging, but this may extend the battery fully charged time.

15, if the power supply voltage is unstable, the touch screen may not work properly. At this point, you can unplug the charger from the device.

16, charging, equipment and chargers may become hot. This is a normal condition and does not affect the service life or performance of the equipment. If the battery is hotter than usual, the charger may stop charging.